Zdnet Confused over Concept of Hacking and Modding

I read a relatively dull article on ZDNet about the new Apple ITV product.  The article commented on the fact that only one day out of the chute, people were already taking the Apple TV product and reconfiguring it so that it will work to their needs.

Now the interesting aspect of this story is the fact that Apple got the product wrong people have to refine it to work, that was pretty obvious from jump.

The interesting thing about this article is that ZDNet doesn't seem to understand the difference between hacking and modding.  They talk about people opening up the box and put it in larger hard drives and adding other refinements to the gadget.

The title of the article seems to have been written to attract attention "Apple TV = hacked".  Just like TiVos and many other devices before the Apple TV, many people have modded out the device, so that it will have a useful hard drive and many other features.  (The Apple TV comes with a 40 GB hard drive for some unfathomable reason.  That might be okay for an MP3 player but that's terrible for a video player.)

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