Are You Ready to Deal with an Emergency

I really like this idea and its fairly simple.  An innovative company has put together some relatively low tech solutions to help organize people for emergency.

They have created a backpack with multiple compartments that can open up and provide easy access to each of those compartments which contain Emergency Supplies ready to be used very quickly.

The thing I like about this solution the most is the fact that the supplies are ready to go, ready to travel, ready to be thrown into a car at moment's notice and they are organized in a way that makes them readily accessible when they're needed.

Now I just wish that I could find a backpack to hold my laptop in gear that worked half as well!

2 Responses:

shokthx said...

Make that a backpack or any type of bag for a laptop. I never seem to find anything quite right.

BrettBum said...

Yeah, You have a good point. My shoulder bag for my laptop might as well be a trunk (picture something like that trunk in the Harry Potter movie that holds Mad Eye Moody down at the bottom in some kind of pit.)


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