Paint Technology Made to Fade or Made to Last?

When I was in college I worked one summer as a painting contractor.  It was a great experience and I learned a good deal about business at the time.  I also learned that I hate paying my own house.

Now I am getting ready to move in a few months and have to throw a few dozen gallons of paint on my house, a cedar sided job.  10 years ago when I was a contractor, the technology was improving and people were starting to use spray guns more and more.  The real estate boom had quite kicked off but the stock market boom was in full swing.  Now this year Sherwin-Williams and several other paint companies of loss and major lawsuits relating to lead based paint.

The market is primed for some improvements.  We're getting to the point with nanotechnology and a number of other composites that painting companies should be able to find a paint that can be applied easily and rapidly to existing homes and that will last for hundreds of years.

Now I paint my house I'm going to hire House Painters to do the job for the most part.  The point is it is not really a necessary job, or to say that more aptly, it's a job that shouldn't have to be done as much anymore.

In addition to vinyl and aluminum siding, someone should come up with a solution for painting homes that makes it a one-time affair until the home is destroyed.  I really like the concepts coming out of Germany with some plastic that can be applied to Windows turn the windows into solar panes.  Maybe they can find an application that turns citing into a solar panel as well, and a panel that lasts forever.

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