Telecom Consulting Moving into the Home?

My neighbor just had a T1 line and communication package installed in his home.  How far away from needing Telecom consultants is the average person getting?

I suspect the distance isn't very far.  I think this is probably more true for small business owners and professionals trying to get a leg up in a corporation that doesn't provide them all of the remote tools they need to get the job done effectively.

A car or a truck mechanic will go out and spend 10 to 20% of their income on the tools they need to do their job.  A tech worker and a corporation typically relies on the corporations cover all their expenses.  However at that tech worker were to invest 5% of their income, say $5,000 on a $100,000 per year salary and they could deliver greater results that might earn them a promotion or a raise of $10-$20000 a year that investment will be worth it.

That is the potential opportunity for Telecom Consulting to move into the home.  Cable modems and DSL don't know was cut it for a tech worker that's trying to work from home.  In a corporation that's cutting costs may not make those tools available, and so the tech workers sometimes may need to take things into their own hands to get ahead in the game.

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