Cable Boxes to become Universal

The FCC is forcing the cable industry to start using Universal cable boxes.  The new cable boxes would remove all of the security identification from the inside of the cable box and store that secure permission on a smart card that can be inserted into the box.

This technology is very seller to the types of cable boxes of long been used with dish and DirecTV systems.  For security reasons the smartcard solution protects customers more as a cable box might get passed around from one user to the next holding the access information that may have been captured from a former customer.  Now a cable customer can simply remove their smartcard and all their private information will be safe and sound of the card away from potential recipients that may inherit that old box.  This will also make it somewhat cheaper and easier to upgrade to a new cable box, however it is very likely that cable companies will find someway to turn this into a profit center that will end up costing consumers more than current cable box upgrades.

See WSJ Article "A Makeover for the Cable Box"

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