Firefox Market share 38.9% | Internet Explorer 56.9%

 The browser wars continue as Mozilla's Firefox continues to gain ground on Internet Explorer.  In February Firefox's market share increased to 38.9% going up 1.3% while Internet Explorer dropped by .7% down to 56.9%.

An interesting trend in browser use movement, is that small and medium-size businesses are now using Firefox as much as they are Internet Explorer.  Smaller firms are often less burdened by IT infrastructures and bureaucratic boards and purchasers that select desktop images for all employees of a big company.  Therefore they been able to adopt and move in to the superior browser environment of Firefox, despite Microsoft's updated Internet Explorer 7.  Microsoft isn't dead yet, but they have definitely had a very bad year with their browser market share. 

In an environment where more people are computing online into browser based services and tools, this is not bode well for Microsoft.  They're losing their foothold in the browser's, and they're losing a little to the foothold in operating system to linux.


Link to iTWire - Firefox challenging IE for dominance in US SMBs

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