Physical Relocations Don't Phase Web Businesses- too much

This summer I am moving from the Atlanta area to the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  I'm packing up my web business and I'm moving down the road about three hours. 

The funny thing is the move is in going to have a significant impact on my business.  99% of my business is conducted on the Internet and the 1% of the business I do that's conducted in person I can still do regardless of where I am.  I may take an extra couple of road trips to visit some of my clients in the Atlanta area, but it's not going to be a big change.

Tuesday to like and do business anywhere I could back up shop and check out Raleigh North Carolina Real Estate and do business there for a week, or anywhere in the United States for that matter.  However sometimes we in the states take the excessive amount of Internet access for granted.

My brother-in-law recently moved to Australia.  He was surprised to learn after the move that it's actually fairly difficult to get broadband installed in that area and he lives in the second-largest city in the country.  Internet access has spread out to reach the world but it takes different forms of overseeing the United States often times.

So if you're planning and international move, make sure you take a couple weeks and test out Internet connection so to know what to expect.  Internet cafés are prevalent sometimes but that's a whole lot different for a mobile worker used to working in their basement.

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