X-Box 360 Elite

Expected to hit U.S. shelves April 29 this year, Microsoft will release the X-Box 360 Elite. The new X-Box will boast a 120-gigabyte hard drive instead of the prior 20-gigabyte drive offered by the "archaic" 360 released last Christmas. Microsoft's goal is to further define their entertainment console as a digital media center instead of just a video game console.

The 360 Elite will have an initial retail price of $479.99, whereas its predecessor the 360 (20 gig.) prices out at $399.99. Microsoft will release snap-on hard drive for owners of the 20 gigabyte 360 for $179.99. Consumers have demanded a larger hard drive due to all the downloaded media from online stores, game content and other digital media. Other upgrades featured on the Elite are a, HDMI connection, which will improve digital picture and sound quality.

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