Digitize Spare Change with a Garbage Man?

Every time I think I have truly become high tech, I get a stupid re-awakening to the doldrums of reality.  This often times happens when I leave a McDonald's Drive thru.

I always end up with spare change, which goes in the change holder and then my 4 year old proceeds at some point to play with the money and its lost.  My four year old doesn't recognize the value (or lack there of) and my vacuum cleaner for the car doesn't discern between straw paper wrappers and a quarter.

Now when I'm on top of things the spare change gets dumped into a big jar at home and every now and then the jar gets taken to a Coinstar where I pay 6-8 percent to have the machine count my money.  That's pretty stupid, I know how to count money, but my bank is 1,000 miles away and I can't mail them the change.

Plus I do not have a coin sorter or anything to rapidly count and bundle it all together. What I need is a nice system where I can dump the money in and have it converted to e-cash or PayPal funds on the quick.  My garbage man comes once a week to pick up trash for about $50 a month, why not send the recycling guy around to pick up my spare change every 6 months.  We just need an incorruptible counter and system so that I can dump it in a safe bin and they can come pick it up and credit my account for the collection.


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