Coffee Cups going Unused as Pen Holders

It is an unfortunate reality that the digital revolution has brought about a transition that has unbalanced the need for people to utilize coffee cups for pen holders.  Coffee cups haven't just been outsourced they have been automated out of the picture as a necessity to keep your desk free of clutter.  People don't need to collect 50 or 60 pence to make sure they've got one around in case somebody snagged their favorite pen.

They still keep one or two of their favorites) in case they need to write something archaic like to check or fill out a form for the human resource Department or their taxes or some other strange entity that hasn't found its way into the digital world.  Often times companies don't even buy pens that often anymore.  Employees of many companies have to rely on free gifts,  Advertising pens, provided by visiting sales folks or more than likely recruiters trying to drum up business.  But nobody thinks about the poor coffee cups are no longer needed.

Many times today coffee cups are actually used for strange things like holding, coffee!.

There's not much we can do to save the coffee cups these days, they should've seen the writing on the wall and Joe sought additional training or job placement services.  Their demise also spells the demise for another staple in the office place, the filing cabinet is sure to go next!

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