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If you live in New York City; Washington, D.C.; or southern California you can.



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Wii Play Together and get Wii Fit Together

Wii Fit Yoga Pose with Wii Fit Pads

Nintendo is expected to hit another game out of the park.  This time they are not targeting teenagers or pre-teens or even young children.  They are not even targeting twenty or thirty something pre-grown ups that still have a video game fetish from their youths.

This time Nintendo is courting Mothers looking to get fit or stay fit.  The new Wii Fit can measure weight and body mass and much more to help engage people to get fit and keep trying. 

Players can chart their weight and body mass index over time and work to improve them by engaging in about 40 activities including yoga, aerobic step routines, strength and training exercises, and balance games. The balance board can track the progress of up to eight players, so users can encourage each other toward their respective goals.

For moms, Wii might have the perfect Fit

The Wii Fit comes with a balancing pad and a foam mattress like a yoga pad along with a game for the Wii itself.

Analysts Befuddled Says Microsoft Trying to Buy Yahoo! Subscribers


Analysts are befuddled as they attempt to understand Microsoft's next move.  One analyst claims that Microsoft will try and purchase part of Yahoo!

``What Microsoft is most interested in is getting that Yahoo subscriber base,'' said Brendan Barnicle, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities in Portland, Oregon. Microsoft may have realized that it would face challenges in integrating the whole of Yahoo, he said.


The problem with this scenario is that Microsoft already has a base of customers.  Lest we forget, Microsoft has their software operating on a super majority of personal and business computers around the world.  Buying a redundant subset of subscribers of their own customer data seems ludicrous.

It goes to show how analysts are either grasping at straws or trying to offer up a smoke screen for their own purposes.  Microsoft definitely does not need this information nor the subscription that comes with them. 

What Microsoft does need is a finger on the pulse of search and internet advertising.  Something that Yahoo! even has been steadily bleeding out to Google for almost a decade.  The concept that Microsoft can improve or save their own business by getting a list of customers invokes images of a back alley deal with a list of dot matrix computer print outs locked up in an aluminum Zero Halliburton metal suit case hand cuffed to a Yahoo! executive's wrist.   Obviously, Microsoft's solution is not that easy, but it is fairly transparent.

Its not about the list, its about search.

The Yahcrosoft might not be a Dead Merger Yet

Carl Icahn is looking closely at staging a proxy fight to unseat board members at Yahoo! and force a relook at a merger with Microsoft after the July 3rd board election at Yahoo!.


He is reportedly in talks with corporate pundits from both schools of thought weighing the benefits of this action verses not acting.

Icahn has a long history of sticking his nose in corporate hornet nests of incompetence and stagnation from Chrysler to Motorola and now Yahoo!. 

If you want to reform an alcoholic, you send them to alcohol rehab, if you want to reform a stagnant corporation, corporate board, or CEO that is out of touch you send in Icahn.

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Microsoft Takes a Fresh Look at Facebook


After walking away form Yahoo! (Microsoft Walks Away From Yahoo! ) Microsoft is taking a fresh look at its minority stake in Facebook and in Facebook itself.

Microsoft needs to find an innovative way to enter the online world and especially the online advertising world.  Google entered online advertising by getting in the middle of what people are looking for through a computer interface.

Facebook is a social network that can enable people to look for things by asking other people for their advice.  Its a new paradigm (sorry for dropping the over used word) and Microsoft might just be able to make something useful out of it after losing a shot at one of the oldest internet companies around and failing to make a deal.

If we were just talking about MySpace, the social network might only be good for finding good music and tips on the latest and greatest acne treatment, but Facebook goes a good bit beyond that even though it is starting to get bogged down with programs and applications.

Funny that last part, that is a similar problem that Microsoft routinely struggles with!

Microsoft Walks Away From Yahoo!

In an amazing display, Microsoft has decided to walk away from the Yahoo! deal.  Yahoo! established some poison pill options that made a hostile take over unattractive and at the same time, Yahoo! rejected the higher offers that Microsoft offered.

That means that Yahoo! shareholders are now stuck with a leadership that can't execute and no better offers on the table.  The leadership at Yahoo! has been lost on the highway of the internet for the last 6-8 years without any gps tracking devices to help them chart a course and now it appears that they are not going to get any help in the short term.

Meanwhile Microsoft is going back to the drawing boards hoping to get ahead in the Online Advertising market on their own. 

They always say that you should never go into a negotiation that you are not willing to walk away from if you hope to get the best deal possible.  It would appear that Microsoft is living by that tip, and making a point to the world that they are not pigheaded enough to pursue an acquisition at any cost. 


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