Why New Blogger Sucks - Written on a Blogger blog that will never validate - thanks blogger!

If you want to create a blog that complies to web standards as by the W3C and you want to use Google's newest Blogger system, well sorry about that.  It will not validate.  You are just screwed. 

I like blogger, I'm a proponent of it on many levels despite some of its handicaps and flaws, but this is one that they should not overlook.  This is just stupid, Google among all companies should not promote the creation of invalid websites.  Hell, Google's blogger might even be criminal in the UK.  From an accessibility perspective, new blogger is to disabled people what 2 inches of sand on a sidewalk would be to people in wheel chairs.

There is really no excuse - but check it out if you like

This launch is a huge deal for Blogger. They may not have gotten everything right out of the gate, so I’ll cut them plenty of slack, and I would hope others do the same based on the number of improvements and enhancements they’ve made all at once. For instance, those who know my style and promotion of web standards may immediately try to validate the home page. I’ll save you the time and tell you it won’t validate right now. (If you’ve already visited Blogger and hit your Validate HTML favelet within a minute of seeing the new design, shame on you. Don’t you have better things to do? Aren’t there other things more interesting than making sure a new site launches with valid code the very same day?) A few simple omissions of closing brackets, and use of the target tag within a XHTML 1.0 Strict doctype is preventing the front page from validating right now. They’ll get to it eventually. Bear with them as they try to make sure everything else is working correctly for all the users who depend on the service to publish their thoughts and experiences to the world. Fixes and new features will most likely continue to roll out in the weeks ahead, so expect changes over time.

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Poker Void in My Life

Where did the Poker Hours Go?

I was talking with my brother last night commiserating or the fact that we both seem to have the same cold even though we live 1000 miles apart.  He was telling me how he has been playing online poker ball he lays sick on the couch trying to pass the time.

As my dad describes it, he has a fairly high stress job, and when he gets sick it's very hard to lie there and do nothing.  I haven't had a high stress job for a couple years and as time passes it's getting harder for me to relate to that it seems like a foreign thing that just isn't necessary.

Mac Poker

So we were talking about how he was playing poker online, and how I haven't played online poker in probably five or six months.  I have been thinking about getting a Mac for about the same period of time, and I mentioned to him a website that specializes in showing people how where to find Mac Poker games online.


Now my personal favorite place to play Texas hold them online is PokerStars.   Now that same website, MacPokerOnline.com,  does a great job of walking people through all the different options and sites where they can play online poker games of every different size shape and flavor.  They're especially good at showing all the different platforms that the games work on best so if you're working with a PC versus a Mac you can see which games work best on those systems.

Other Sections to Check out on MacPokerOnline

Since I have not been playing poker online lately, I suspect maybe I need to freshen things up a little bit.

Sometimes you get away from games like this because your a little tired of them even though you're having fun.  So maybe it's time I learned a new game like one of these below:

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iPhone Coming to a European Union Near You

1. Deutsch Telecom Lands iPhone in Germany

In case you missed it, Apple announced this week that they will be launching the iPhone in Germany with Deutsche Telekom.  Deutsche Telekom is the parent company of T-Mobile in the United States and even though I am definitely not an iPhone fan, I'm somewhat surprised that Apple did not partner with T- Mobile in the states where they opted instead to work with AT&T a notoriously troubled and evil company in my humble opinion as they stole $1000 for me a few years ago in a phone slamming scam.  (Sorry I just can't hide my bias about AT&T)

2. Orange Lands iPhone in the UK

AT&T also announced that they were going to launch the iPhone with Orange and the United Kingdom.  It's kind of funny because a number of Europeans have been purchasing my phones in the United States and in hacking them so they can use them on their own systems at home. Guess all that hacking was for naught as the iPhone is now available.

Podcast Expo 2007

For those of you still following this blog, I wanted to share with you that I am still here and still blogging.  In fact I am coming up on having reached my 4,000 th article since I started blogging.

Next week, I will be traveling to the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario California and look forward to meeting anyone that is also at the show.  The conference is free to attend and the community that attends the show is normally a great group of people.

On a separate note, we have a number of very interesting things happening throughout the Softduit family of websites.  We'll be making some new announcements next week and I can't wait to share those.  This evening, I am attempting to catch up on some of my writing covering a number of different sites. 

For those of you that follow my mobile office travails, I have been working by the lake again recently, but I run into snags at night.  The mosquitos come in and are attracted to my computer screen.  So I have to head indoors.  I have to wonder if it could be possible to create a type of lighting and a type of computer screen that did not attract bugs! 

If I could find that type of lighting, I'd snap it up no matter what the cost nor brand so that I could work out doors much more often.  It doesn't have to be fancy quoizel lighting nor does it have to be cheap generic looking stuff, it just needs to work.

Electric Razors that do not Run off a Cord

Here's a quick rant and addition to the Broken Technology Series.

Its the day after the labor day weekend.  For several reason, I did not shave all weekend long and today I really need to shave. 

My wife and kids recently purchased a new electric razor for me as a Father's Day gift.  It has been a couple months and I am still getting used to the new razor. 

I suspect it may be a bit of a dud, but its a gift and I am hoping to make it work a bit longer before I replace it.

Anyway today I learned something that definitely escalates it into the Broken Technology level and possibly shoves it full force into the dud category.

The razor will not run off of the Cord!

The battery ran down.  Someone cleaned the restroom and unplugged my razor and then it sat all weekend and so when I attempted to electrically machete my way into the beard jungle, the thing just kind of rolled over and died.

No problem, I think.  I grab the cord, plug it in and it starts to go again.

Then it runs down again.  It had regenerated just a little bit of juice for that short effort, which created the illusion that the cord worked.  So now I'm writing this silly blog post hoping to kill a couple minutes, while my razor slowly gets it act together.

As an aside, maybe the fine folks at Remington that made my Titanium MS 280, could pool their resources and collaborate a little bit better next time. 

Collaboration Software packages are a dime a dozen these days.

I had an offer in my email box at about the same time my razor died, offering collaboration software from Epazz.

    • There is a 30 Day free trial of their software.
    • integration to backend systems -
    • total manage hosted solution
    • website content management
    • group scheduling
    • business email solution
    • Seamless Integration - To all of your enterprise's back-end systems.
    • Powerful Collaboration -To improve workflow.
    • In-Depth Personalization -Down to the end-user level.
    • Enhanced Communication - Among managers and employees.
    • One-Point Secured Access - For all of the enterprise's on-line services;
    • Thoughtful understanding - Epazz works with you from start to finish.

Maybe somewhere in there, the Remington folks and their outsourced Chinese manufacturers can remember to put a cord into the mix that is capable of running the device in addition to charging the device.

Inkjet Cartridges - Are they a dead Technology?

Several years ago I made the switch to laser printers and left the world of inkjet toners and cartridges forever.  I never did a great deal of work printing out pictures on my own inkjet printer.  Mostly I don't do a lot of work with pictures that need to be printed, my wife is a photographer and she does and so she has an inkjet printer that mostly draws dust.  Most of the pictures that either of us work with are pushed out to the web.

Our situation is not necessarily standard or typical for most people, and I realize that many people still like to print out their pictures and put them in a frame or send them to a relative or something.

So it's been a while since I've had to hunt down a place that offers cost-effective ink cartridges.  I recently had to dust off my mother-in-law's inkjet printer while I was visiting, and needed to replace the cartridges.  Came across company called Inkers.biz.  They offer free ground shipping and have a no questions asked return policy, and they shipped the same day they take your order.  Those are a little things, but when you're dealing with a commodity like an ink cartridge for a printer, they're kind of important it is you don't really want to monkey around with something as simple as an ink cartridge.

So I'm throwing their name out there, but I'm also curious if anyone else is found something better or more effective or if you had any experience with inkers.biz. 

Drop us a comment most of the your preferred ink cartridge vendor is or was no if you even using cartridges these days.


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