Getting Travel Right with Web 2.0 Tools for Geeks

Ten Years ago it was cool to plan a trip with MapQuest, because it would print out maps!

That doesn't cut it today, today's savvy travelers need many better tools.  We're not looking for tools that simply give us the directions to find a place, we need the tools that get us there faster, more efficiently, using less fuel, avoiding traffic, showing us the best places to park would we get there, and a lot more.

A great little website called offers up 25 great Web 2.0 Travel tools to help you get where you're going and do it in a way that works for 2007.  They provide tools that display traffic density charts in one section and consumer driven reviews of the destinations that you're going to another.  They bring together some of the best sites offering up GPS and wireless solutions and significantly more.

Basically they put together the top 25 Web 2.0 tools to help you get from a to B using all the best technology available today.  They've managed to cover some of the best sites and very quick and comprehensive manner you're definitely going to find something useful that will help you on your next trip.  Right off the bat I recognized the couple wed to point out names like Traffic, but they offer up so 24 other new sites that I haven't covered yet or hadn't heard.  Needless to say, I was sufficiently impressed.  I came across them searching through Dick's front page today after they recently climbed to the top.

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