Branding Guru Anyone?

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We would like to introduce a new sponsor to maven mapper's, Brand Identity Guru Inc. is a Branding Agency that provides branding services for companies looking to grow and exploit their brand image.  We often times don't work hard enough to ensure that our brand is fully used at levels that meet its potential.  According to the a recent press release by Brand Identity Guru, they work to ensure that your brand reaches its full potential.  They reach out to all of your partners and contacts in ways to ensure that your brand is experiencing the exposure and notice and attention that it deserves.

Many companies will spend too much time and attention trying to come up with the perfect name and then they never do anything to spread that name around or they don't do enough.  Sometimes they even focus on the wrong areas spending money to make their name known in the wrong circles.  Our sponsor can ensure that your brain reaches out to the customers partners and clients that need to learn and hear about your brand.

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