The Wild Wild Net

The internet can be a dangerous place, and running around unprotected isn't recommended. In Symantec's recent release of the Internet Security Threat Report, they chronicle just how true the threat is. Released every six months, the report find that over 6 million computers are infected with a "bot" and are connected to an underground network of thousands of computers. The report documents its current findings as a whopping 29% increase over the prior report.

Symantec's findings also include arise in Trojans by 23%, also the findings of 12 zero-day vulnerabilities (up from just one last report). The findings also report a shocking rise in underground online databases dealing in stolen credit card numbers, personal identification info and bank account numbers among other articles. The report goes on to document the countries with the most malicious activity, The United States being number one on the list. In this day and age, internet security is not to be taken lightly.

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