Domain Business Techniques 201

Over the last year I have done a good bit of work in the domaining business. I have purchased and managed approximately 200 domains in the last twelve months.

Over that time I have occasionally written about the business of buying domains, investing in domains, or strategically purchasing domains for the launch of a website.

Aviva Directory has just released 28 thorough tips on the practice of getting started as a Domainer.

It covered all of the essentials, more thoroughly and more concisely than I have seen elsewhere.

It does seem to miss one key tool (I left a comment there too). Whenever you buy a domain you should insure that the domain has not been blacklisted as a spam domain or banned by Google for some other reason.

Here's a few other tips to be prepared to work with after investing in a domain:

  1. You can park a domain, but you will make more money if you turn it into a functional blog (see one of our examples at History of the Book of Medicine). Don't have the time, then hire a blogger to do it for you (ask us how to hire a blogger without paying a penny at Softduit Partners.)
  2. Learn how to setup a 301 Redirect in your htaccess
  3. Setup a Sitemap for the new site and submit it to Google and yahoo (don't know how to code it try this automated tool or this WordPress tool or this review for the same plugin)
  4. Softduit's review of 2 of the 3 largest Domain Parkers that will accept your new domain without any problems.
  5. Auto Renew is both your Friend and your Enemy.
    1. Friendly Situations
      1. If you want to keep a domain, it is your friend.
    2. Enemy Situations
      1. If you want to get rid of your domain or just let it expire, it is your enemy.
      2. Similarly, if you are paying to much for domain renewals, it is your enemy. Get on top of this long before your renewal comes around.

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