Tagging Your Property Hasn't gone High Tech with RFID or GPS Yet

I have this stupid pink tape in my back yard as a form of yard markers are.  The fluorescent pink tape hangs from a tree and is staked into the ground into different corners of the back of my property.  Somebody came in to do the survey around the time that we bought our house and that marked the plot.

My families have a lot of experience by & property over the last century and I've also noticed that many of the more permanent markers get lost or broken or damaged or destroyed.  It strikes me that the government could start to sponsor program where people could sink GPS markers to 20, 50, or 100 feet into the ground.

The entire country could be put onto a grid system that can be monitored from space.  All that private property could then be easily maintained and monitored in a handheld GPS device.

It wouldn't completely eliminate the need to do physical surveys but it sure would decrease things over time as more of the grid was put into place.


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