When Technology is Purchased for Looks instead of Utility - Farmers Get a Bargain

When I was growing up in the middle of no where, farmers often times had transfer tank holding extra fuel in the back of their dueley pickup trucks.

The primary purpose of this technology was to refuel tractors in the middle of fields or construction zones. In the last few years just before oil went nuts, and a lot of people wanted to look like a farmer apparently. They purchased big monster trucks only to later learned that these vehicles used a lot of gas. Plus, they often outfitted these trucks with extra tanks for fuel.

When gas prices went nuts, people had a chance to consider the results of their actions and many began re-evaluating their purchase decisions. So now the market is starting to balance itself out. Farmers, who used to struggle to sell corn are now on the ethanol band wagon and they have many great used trucks to choose from at discounted prices.

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