Un-Functional Furniture too Froofy

I am a form over function type of person. I don't normally go on for froofy furniture. After living in Boca Raton for several years I've learned that froofy equals expensive. However I do feel that you're setting does drive your mood, and if you've got cold furniture in a cold work setting or cold home and you are probably going to have a cold attitude.

so you have to balance things out little bit and if you got to do that then get some furniture that slow but functional envelope and inviting as well. Our sponsor  Powell furniture does a pretty good job of achieving this balance. And they don't delivered a Boca Raton prices! (Someday I'll tell you the story about how a salesperson almost conned my wife and I into purchasing a foot stool with elephant prints on it for $1000- keyword there is almost)

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