Better Furniture Needed For Work at Home Comfort

Often times we look at technology and we don't associate all the accessories that go with it.  We do not always look at the furniture that holds our computers keyboards and mice, when at furniture is not your typical desk or chair.

As more people are starting to work from home this focus needs to change and move towards the other furniture that occupies the rest of our 'home' and not just that furniture in the office. As I write this article I am working on my deck outside in the warm spring sun.  I am fortunate to have some great deck furniture.  However, it's not ergonomically the best for use with a laptop let alone a mouse.

Now, There are many states specialized in textiles including my current state residence Georgia, and my future state of residence North Carolina, where north carolina furniture abounds. North Carolina in particular has a tech triangle with many programmers and technologists and scientists concentrated in a tight geographic area code located in the same place where textiles are manufactured.

I do not believe it would be very difficult for these two industries to come together.  They could share some common interests, insights, and develop goals that would be mutually beneficial for both industries.

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