So Sue Me

In another battle over copyright infringement, Viacom is challenging Youtube and its parent company Google. Viacom claims that Youtube has displayed well in excess of 150,000 videos and images from its various networks (VH1, Comedy Central etc.).  Many broadcast companies are in fear of the growing video-sharing outlets due to the increasing numbers of internet viewers.

With Viacom the situation is even more dire, due to the nature of their cable programs and the fact that they are targeted towards a younger audience who carries higher internet usage. It is unclear what will happen in the lawsuit, however this suit is the largest confrontation regarding video sharing to date.

Note.  The title "so Sue me" is not intended to reference the infamous Apple copyright infringement suit with Apple records.  During the uglier days that battle Apple created music software called sosumi which was pronounced so sue me hinting that if Apple records it like what Apple Computer was doing they could just . . .  :)

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