Vegas Trends

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South Florida may have made the concept of a luxury condo famous, but they have nothing on Las Vegas now.  Las Vegas long known for its hotels and casinos is rapidly going condo.

Las Vegas Luxury Condos are popping up in the desert faster than slot machines can be spit out Nickels.  This is probably much more practical for the desert town than a sprawling suburb with a house on a lot of sand and rock for every family.  Condos may hold as many people utilizing up the water resources, however released from landscape perspective they don't increase sprawl nor do they waste the land providing a fixed space or plot for a family that won't build to do much with the land in the first place.

Florida is very similar in this regard and almost the opposite fashion.  They are the tropical climate creates undergrowth so thick and so fast that yards are kept to a minimum because the upkeep will kill you.  And Las Vegas there's nothing to keep up.  Both scenarios point towards condo living.

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