Reigning in Out of the Box Thinking with Ethics

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Our sponsor simmons jannace & stagg provide a law practice for New York, Connecticut and New Jersey according to their latest release.  They work with Fortune 500 companies, midsize companies and small clients as well.  They have built up a reputation for delivering outside of the box thinking to come up with unique solutions to solve the client problems without having to spend a fortune on lawsuits and settlements.

It's never an easy thing for a law firm to think outside the box as they continually have to remain both inside the law and inside ethical guidelines.  It's very easy to be creative to come up with an idea but it's not easy to come up with a creative solution that saves money and is completely above board.  Many unique solutions are to been identified or utilized in coming up with something brand-new that still within the rules is a tough game that our sponsor continually works to improve.

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