Still Dealing with the Daily Light Savings Time Bug

I work on a 30 hour day schedule.  I stay up as long as it takes to get the job done I relax as long as I need to relax and I sleep about eight hours a night.  So for me time as a relative issue anyway.  However since March 11 at daylight savings time situation is created a new snag in my schedule that makes it even more difficult.

I'm running Windows XP as far as I can tell my system can't quit seem to figure out how to update for daylight savings time.  Microsoft recommended before daylight savings time went into effect that people should run automatic update on Windows XP and and get a patch to fix things for the bug.  I do that and I've got a brand-new computer running XP and Randy of days before I ran the updates after in my computer still can't seem to synchronize Microsoft get the time right.  

So I've had to turn off the automatic synchronization that comes with the operating system and I've had to change the time manually.  This is fine so that my computer knows the right time, however I'm finding that it's extremely annoying to coordinate times with people in international time zones outside of the US that is.

To make matters worse I drive a Treo 600, the finned Cadillac of the Treo series as I like to refer to it, and I've downloaded an update for or by phone and the new daylight savings time, however I've been too busy with several large projects last couple of weeks to take the time to install the update of my phone.  So I've got it manually corrected for the right time as well and again my city Time function in my phone is also off.

The next time I schedule a meeting I will probably have to go with a less tech-centric approachand just clutch at my great-great-grandmother's rosaries while hoping for the best. She lived in a time where day light savings time was never an issue.

I personally didn't experience any problems with Y2K, but this silly daylight savings time is sure proving to be a pain in the neck!

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