Vonage Plays Catch Up after Judge awards injunction for Verizon patent

Vonage is having a very bad month.  First they lost a lawsuit brought against them by Verizon claiming patent infringement.  At the time of that loss they were quick to reassure investors and customers that they would not likely lose in the follow on quest by Verizon to get an injunction against Vonage for using that same technology.

They were wrong.  They lost that fight in the injunction is coming.

judge said he will sign a permanent injunction restraining the company from using technology needed to connect many of its customers.


Now they are stating that they need more time before the injunction goes into effect.  They claim that they have a workaround technology that they can use instead of Verizon's technology, however they need more time to implement it so that customers will not be impacted by the injunction.  They are hoping that the courts side with them this time, and possibly for the first time so that the customer base belonging to Vonage is not harmed.

Of course Verizon feals that the customer base wouldn't exist if Vonage hadn't improperly used their patents and technology.  Of course Verizon was a little slow to adopt this technology themselves as a weatherbeaten in their own customer base.  That makes it a little hard to feel sorry for Verizon, but a patent is a patent (concept that provides fictional ownership over a fictional concept that used to be called a "good idea" to a fictional entity called Corporation -- you got to love the rule of law!)

Many people are wondering of fries and might go after other people in this market, however it's unlikely as they have provided Verizon with money which seems to heal all wounds.  This money came in the form of payments to Verizon as the other players in the field are Verizon's customers.

Nice how that works, is in it.



  Source: Vonage denied Verizon patents | Chicago Tribune

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