History: Religion and Technology repeating themselves

Technology and religion have been fighting against each other for thousands of years. You might say that they have a hate love, mostly hate relationship with each other. Technology has been used to prop up religions and create mystical experiences. And technology has been used to subvert and takedown religions.

Similarly, religious wars have been started and fought using technologies only to destroy learning and science of the conuqured nations.  This has resulted in the ravaging and destruction of technology and science and learning through many civilizations around the world.

Religions have also sponsored the study and improvement of technology and science to create buildings and cities in books and many other inventions throughout history. This love-hate relationship started to crystallize even more several hundred years ago when catholic bibles started rolling off the Gutenberg press.

We live in a perceived modern time that is currently being stirred up by multiple religions around the world.  The friction of religions is often the precursor , but technology is often the lever that is utilize to bring about the death and executions of many.

It's a strange juxtaposition of technology and religion that continues even today in 2007. We don't seem to be able to leave history behind despite our attempts to ignore it and therefore history seems to be repeating itself yet again with religious-based wars waged with harsher and harsher technologies.

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