Microsoft Space Race - Windows on the Moon in 10 years?

There is a rumor floating around in the news that Bill Gates is considering taking a ride into space.  The space rumors being floated as a Microsoft engineer orbits the planet on a holiday cosmonaut space junket for a meager sum of $25 million.

Spending $25 million for Bill Gates is kind of like tipping the pizza guy two bucks for delivering a pizza to the rest of us(okay I admit I'm a little cheap when I tipped the pizza guy).  Now Bill Gates may want to have a little fun before he does his final reboot, but he's also smart guy and he always has business on the brain.

It's possible that this space perspective, might give Bill Gates some insights into where he wants to take Microsoft in the next few years.  Maybe he'll move into space exploration as a hobby, or maybe he'll find a way to put cheap software in the space shuttle and space station's.  Or maybe he'll join forces with Richard Branson from Virgin and create a joint venture to fund the first private space exploration company?

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