Nintendo Got Memo - Empty Shelves Do Not Sell!

Apparently Nintendo finally got the memo that people like their product, the Wii gaming system. After months of back orders and backlogs they are finally boosting production.

It is possible that they didn't have it together and didn't have enough by lack of foresight, but do not tell their stockholders that. It is also much more likely that they purposely starved the market with this new product so as to bolster prices by decreasing the supply.

Black-market prices on the device have been double to triple the amount that you can buy the product in stores or online, when it is available and it usually is not available.

So maybe the executives at Nintendo got the memo or maybe they picked up some Free Diet pills and got cranked up on the caffeine and pulled a few all nighters to determine just how many gaming units they really needed to fill up the channel around the world.

Regardless just like the Saudis sitting on their oil supply Nintendo is going to trickle out a few more devices and slowly quench the thirst as they milk the profits and the price premium that their gaming systems are commanding.

Nintendo learned the lesson a long time ago that you have to ride the popularity while it lasts, because popularity with gaming systems never lasts. If you doubt that just ask the man that created the Sony gaming system.

He had to resign this week.

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