Rebranding with Technology Concepts

Do you recall when red bull was a malt liquor in this great big bowl would always come crashing through some wall in a bar somewhere in the middle of downtown Philadelphia or something like that?

That was back when it was popular to drink beer, but now it's popular to drink energy drinks something that gives you a great big Energy Boost. Malt liquor definitely doesn't give you an energy boost, even though it may give you a boost in confidence.

The question is why did a company famous for all look or move into the energy drink sector. That's a pretty strange leap but they did it based on the notion that there was technology that have developed some product that could make people do things better or faster or more energetically than they could before.

They were marketing and where those to meet up there's money to be made and in some cases like red bull there are products to be rebranded or brands to be three product-ed.

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