Technology Can't Solve a Corrupt Companies Problems

With the deplorable examples of many Fortune 500 companies that have failed to keep their book straight, it is apparent that the millions of dollars that these companies have spent on Financial Reporting Software has been wasted. In many cases they have overspent and failed to rein in their culture within their business so that the systems would have something reliable to capture and measure.

Technology can't solve a company's problems. It can increase productivity, it can automate processes, it can help measure checks and balances, but it cannot convince a corrupt culture to write its ways and to end the corruption. Similarly, it can not teach a CEO or a board to seek out more education about a topic so that the organization that those individuals and groups lead can avoid walking into a legal quagmire. Ignorance is no defense in the law. It may mitigate between outright fraud and negligence, however failure is failure and guilty is guilty.

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