Clinton raises $4.2 million Online

80% of funds contributed were under $100 so far The Clintons have learned how to work the money game online.

Hillary Clinton recently released that she has raised $26 million in fund raising donations through the first quarter of 2007.  That number is partially comprised of $4.2 million raised on the Internet

John Edwards raised a similar amount totaling $3.29 million from the internet out of $14 million raised in total. 

Brock Obama has not released numbers that would indicate how much money he has received from the Internet, and he is not taking money from special interests are lobbying groups so far. 

But it never hurts to have an employee of a service provider that creates an attack ad that is viewed by 3 million people lampooning your opponent for free!  That was probably worth at least $1 million right there for the first quarter and will probably continue to pay dividends through out the primary.

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