Don't Be the Company with the Bad Web Conference!

Web conferencing tools are getting better and more efficient year after year. With the plethora of options that combine VOIP with chat and VOIP mixed with video conferencing we have a lot to choose from. I have mentioned

Megameeting once in the past and wanted to mention them again. They provide a great web conferencing solution as well. They are extra useful as they are entirely browser based. So if you have a meeting with a client that has never used their service your client will not be required to download useless software.

I attended a web conference last month that required me to download Real Player at the last moment. I had no advanced warning and the download, install and configuration process took 40 minutes, no thanks to their menus and opt in and opt out screens. I ended up missing the meeting and the company hosting the meeting missed an opportunity to pick up a new client that day.

Don’t be that company!

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Riteshjha said...

Overall its all win with video conferencing on the ground…We have software…and its too a great alternative for small business along with Cisco. A user could set up a skype and conferencing session to get around the audio and video sessions simultaneously. Ok, they are not integrated but not bad at all for free or a low monthly - especially when you compare it to the cost of a Webex and microsoft implementations.


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