MasterMOZ Web Directory with Social Network Twist

Internet 2.0 is largely about leveraging the power and intelligence of the masses. is attempting to apply that model to the concept of web directories.  They are creating a directory that enables several levels of groups (social network) to rate directory listings on multiple areas from Accuracy to Reputation to Credibility.

In a classic Example Yahoo! relies on DMOZ for a directory of web pages.  Those web pages can e submitted by anyone and they are reviewed by volunteer editors that give the listings the thumbs up or down.  Once in, they are pretty much in for ever regardless of how the content changes.

MasterMOZ essentially provides an optin where a website can be listed by anyone (typically done by the webmaster of the site).  They can then be rated and reviewed by three levels of groups including:

  1. Casual Visitors
  2. Reviewers
  3. Other Webmasters

All in all its a good concept and likely to be more efficient than the old fashioned Yahoo! model that was trumped long ago by Google.  Now as Google ages in a slightly less than graceful way it could be possible that the intelligence of the masses applied to the directory model could possibly be more relevant and more accurate than GoogleBot.

Regardless the is relatively new, just launched in early April so its not time to call your stock broker about getting in on an IPO just yet.  :)

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