Is Steve Jobs Going to Crash Space Ship Apple?

Has Steve Jobs been pulling a fast one on everyone for the last few years?

The Department of Justice seems to be targetting the company. Of course the Apple board of directors cleared Steve Jobs of any wrong doing, but they have a financial interest in maintaining Jobs in his current role.

The theory is that as Steve Jobs goes so does the fortune of Apple. That is a rather dangerous go for broke type of attitude for a company that would otherwise seem to be fairly strong.

Let us suppose for a second that the board is going along to get along on this. Would that mean that maybe there is a problem with options and that Steve Jobs is involved? If that were the case, we might disect other recent Apple news in a different light.

Apple has delayed the release of its new operating system. The iTv was delayed earlier this year. Breaking from a long tradition of releasing new products when and only when they are ready, Apple pre-announced the launch of the Apple iPhone.

This happened before they had secured rights to the trademark. Plus, it was later revealed that the device would only work with a single wireless carrier. If Apple and Steve Jobs new all year long that they were going down in the flames of scandal could it not be possible that their recent actions and product announcements could be interpreted in a significantly different light?

If they had nothing to lose due to this securities scandal, maybe cooking things up and breaking from their normal modus operandi might not seem so far fetched.

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