Artistic Renderings Polluting our View of the Stars

I briefly had an opportunity to review some of the news articles this week surrounding the identification of a planet that could potentially sustain life about 20 ly away from planet Earth.

I was discussing this with my brother on the telephone the other day and he had heard from a friend that the planet was about five times the size of Earth and his friend had told him that the planet was supposed to have a gravity that was about the equivalent of that of the moon.

Now I was much better chemistry than I was at physics, however I am pretty darn certain that a larger planets would be expected to have a larger maps (granted that it's not a gas giant) and with a larger mass should have a heavier gravity. The mood in fact has a gravity of about one third that of the Earth because it's about one third the mass of the Earth.

the details though of the report that was given to this friend of my brother's indicated that people would be old to jump around and cavort just like astronauts to the moon. Now I can understand how a report might have been misinterpreted or heard incorrectly if they said the gravity was higher and someone heard at lower but then two on a give and knowledge as explanations of what could be done with that lighter gravity makes it seem to me that my brother's friend was probably in the reports were probably flawed.

Now I purposefully have not gone out to correct my own view of this regarding this planet, I wanted to see is a bit of a test what type of her plies I might receive if I put this post up here as to what everyone else has heard and not so much what they've read. As an example another friend indicated that the same planet was being displayed on various pictures on the Internet and on the news.
As we talked it was unclear if these pictures might have been an artistic rendering or if they were actual pictures of some type. And a description of the pictures I was given indicated that this would've been a fairly large view of this planet not just a speck of light amidst a cluster of stars.

That seems a little far-fetched even for a distant planet considering we can barely see Pluto other than a speck of dust out the night sky itself so how could we see another planet 20 ly away with any type of clarity. Again this is a perception of what type of information is out there and available to people and how they take it and consider it from a reality perspective.

So what have you heard about this new planet? is it populated by talking dogs, are there vampires flying around the planet surface have you seen pictures of this planet or reports that it has moon gravity?

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