Will Companies Soon Issue Personal Productivity Drugs?

Recently I haven't had to stare at my computer quite as much as I used to. More and more I've been using voice recognition tools to type out or dictate the words that I'm saying. As I dictate, I no longer have to stare at the screen quite the way I do compared to typing. This significantly reduces the amount of eyestrain that I suffer from.

It strikes me however that we have a drug industry will spend millions of dollars coming up with drugs for hangover cures and day after pills, which both cure social problems. But it's taboo for the same drug companies to do anything to improve performance or productivity. The government and even the movie industry in the 40s 50s and 60s used to provide soldiers and movie stars with pep pills to keep them going.

Fighter pilots and other soldiers today still receive carries forms of amphetamines. However these types of drugs have received a negative connotation and this area of medicine doesn't seem to be bankable anymore.
However wouldn't it be in line with improving productivity if the medical establishment were to focus on that element in the office that is most prone to lack of productivity, the person?

Corporations will spend millions of dollars upgrading computers, however they won't spend a couple dollars a day to help keep their employees focused, or to reduce distractions such as eyestrain or headaches, or many other physical ailments that ultimately hurt the bottom line. Instead we focus on the technology that helps the disruptive forces in the office get by just enough to increase productivity. Sometimes these increases even leave the same unproductive individuals more time to go screw off!

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