Can Internet Radio be Saved by Congress?

A bill introduced by two Congressman proposes to save internet radio from a likely demise. The Copyright Royalty Board decided early this month to more than double the royalties that small internet radio broadcasters pay.

The Inslee-Manzullo Internet Radio Equality Act vacates the CRB's March 2 decision and proposes Net radio stations continue paying a percentage (7.5) of revenues through 2010. Alternatively, the bill would allow Net broadcaster to choose to pay 33 cents per hour of sound recordings transmitted to a single user. According to PCWorld Blogs
The rates had been $.0008 per song and was more than doubled up to $.0019 per song, which was estimated to be as much as 60% of revenue for many internet radio broadcasters. The current bill would continue to peg the rate at about 15% of revenue.

If you are interested in supporting this bill, contact your local Congress person and also consider supporting

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