Promoting the Blogosphere

For some time now I have been working as a marketing consultant.  I got out of Telecom Consulting about 3 1/2 years ago.  Over the last 12 months the marketing power of the blogosphere has gone through several evolutionary changes.

In many ways, it is now easier to get a message out through the blogosphere than it is to traditional marketing methods.  This doesn't yet apply across the board, but whenever a web searches involved it definitely can apply and often does.

There are several keys twice this is happening, but the primary reason is that bloggers around the world are functioning as de facto computers or or precisely as intelligent systems that help Google figure out what's going on the Internet.

Essentially bloggers are translating the Internet for Google.  Google is leveraging off of this free resource and through it improving search results and increasing ad revenues.  In the last 12 months a couple new twists of been thrown at Google.  Bloggers have started to demand and receive compensation for their work, and Google doesn't pay the bill.  Oddly enough advertisers are paying the bill.

This means that Google is relying on bloggers to translate the Internet and bloggers are turning to advertisers for paychecks and advertisers are paying Google to advertise as well.  In essence advertisers are pulling the strings of both Google and Google's intelligence system, the bloggers.

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