Drawing a Physical Enhancement Line on our Bodies?

Recently it was revealed that both Anna Nicole Smith and Sylvester Stallone were using Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The drug helps to build muscle mass especially in aging individuals and helps to decrease the rate of physical decline.
You might call that an anti-aging effect. The drug does have side effects like making your jaw grow. HGH has been more popularly demonized in professional sports as certain athletes are deemed to compete with an unfair drug advantage.

We should however consider the possibility that there is fair in sports and then there is a drug among many others that could help increase our natural life span or increase our ability to live productive longer lives. Is it actually so bad for a baseball player to take HGH and be able to continue playing 5-10 years past their natural prime? In a world with synthetics of all types and many different forms of supplements and skinceuticals to protect your beauty, not to mention implants and plastic surgery, is a drug that slows the march of time all that bad?

Over the last century we have seen this come up many times but many of these drugs in the past didn’t provide as much of a noticeable change and so were treated as more typical medicines. We have developed antibiotics that combat disease, but they also help to spur on super bugs. We have developed Viagra to increase our ability to continue having sex long after its practical for the propagation of the species.

So what is the big deal if we create a drug that keeps us strong, possibly decreasing the potential for injuries that typically befall older Americans. With a population of rapidly aging baby boomers could the use of these types of drugs, get the baby boomers back into shape so that they can remain in the work force and possibly minimize some of their other health condition costs?

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