Frazzled by the noise

If you have had a week like mine, you might be in need of some sound therapy. I telecommute from home and typically this doesn't cause me any problems whatsoever I much more productive for many reasons. However there are times when that all comes to a grinding halt just like they would in the office of something happened there. There are times when my family were kids or pets or neighbors get in the way. Usually this happens all at the same time!

Now I have three dogs, but one of them is the loudest of the dogs. I mention this because she goes outside she goes outside to bark first and anything else second. That gets to be pretty annoying and it grates on my nerves. Usually this gets compounded by other external events and happenings and before you know it I am a nervous wreck.

It's at these points in time that I typically need some sort of sound machines to help calm my nerves and shut out all the external noise is distracting me so I can get back on track and refocus. I can close my eyes and meditate and give my eyes a break from looking at my computer screen, but it's harder to shut out the noise and even more difficult sometimes to give your brain a soothing noise to relax to.

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