Telecommutting from a Boat This summer

This summer I plan on taking some of my mobile work to a new level. I've been telecommuting for years and working full-time at my home office for the last year and a half. This summer I'm moving to a Lake in North Carolina. Initially while we are waiting to move into our home we are going to stay with some family members in a rather small home when you consider the total number of people that are going to be living there. However it is on the lake and there's plenty of boats. So I'm going to do a little boating with my laptop.

To get some peace and quiet, I am going to take the boat out on the lake, hook up a cellular card in my laptop and telecommute from the middle of the lake! I will also try and find one of those laptop coolers, the type that you set a laptop on to keep it cool. Plus, I will take one of those igloo coolers, the type that keep my beer cool, and I am going to see how productive I can be. ;)

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