Get Paid to Have Your Blog Promoted?

There's a new paid to blog site coming up this week. is taking accepting registrations for their beta test this week.

Linky Love Army

They are being coy with the details, but based on their rhetorical questions it appears that they will

  • Allow you to write almost anything
  • Help you earn money from that
  • Promote your blog for you
  • Bring the Blogosphere together to Collaborate

I've joined up for the beta, and received a thank you from Colonel Love.  I'm waiting to see what happens next!

Note. I did pick up their button, but their code seemed a little buggy at the time .   :)

1 Responses:

{ K } said...

Hello there :) just visiting my Blog Junkie members :) this is one good info you have here :) thanks ! :)


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