Automatic Updates Kick Off At the Worst Times

It never seems to fail, whenever I'm in the middle of something important, an automatic update will start. I was in the middle of creating a video tutorial and a Microsoft update attempted to launch in the middle of my attempt to save the video file. If I had momentarily stepped away from my computer, the update would have ran and it would have rebooted my computer and I would've lost all of my work.

That's just stupid and it drives me nuts when that type of thing happens with automatic updates.

Microsoft is definitely not the only company at fault for this type of behavior. All week long I have received a similar attempt from Apple to launch a QuickTime update that has been driving me nuts because I never use QuickTime. Virus programs are very bad about this as well, although they are a little better in regards that they typically bring in libraries and some updates unobtrusively.
It's fortunate that our bodies don't work in a similar way. Can you imagine a doctor sweeping and and pumping you up with some drugs when you least expect it just because your body was not completely up to par?

What if you were out on a date, and he had a couple too many to drink and all of a sudden a doctor swooped in and make you pop a couple of Cialis pills. Even worse, what if you were driving home after being awake for the last 36 hours, and you were suddenly and automatically injected with a sleeping pill law you are driving because your body really needed sleep?

Those types of scenarios just don't make sense. There is a right time and a wrong time to force a major change on any system whether to body your computer or anything else.

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