Computers that Heal themselves of Viruses

You have probably seen that new Mac commercial where the Mac in the PC guy show up and when the PC guy comes stumbling and he's literally is big and round as a beach ball the size of a car. He gives the standard joke about PCs come in with a lot of extra programs and software added in that are not needed. They slow things down (he illustrates the point by slowly walking in and slowly walking out when he forgot something.)

My point is that I just read an article about a new computer designed by HCL Infosystems that utilizes EC2 technology.

What is EC2 technology?

It is a technology that enables a laptop to essentially heal itself and heal itself rapidly when the computer crashes due to a user error or a virus or a number of other items. This is not intended to replace the use of virus programs or spyware programs that protect your computer, however it does claim to be able to get your computer back up and running quickly and less than a minute after a crash resulting from one of those types of problems.

And that got me thinking about that Mac and PC commercial again when I saw this story about HCL Info systems. I wonder if they'll come out with the technology next time that enables PCs to slim down when they get filled up with too much garbage. After all, people can get some of the Best Diet Pills around when they look hard enough, but it's all most impossible sometimes to find a utility or a software program or anything else capable of getting all of that garbage out of your PC right out of the box or even months later as new things are accumulated over time.

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