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I enjoy playing card games, and in particular I enjoy playing Texas hold them online.  Personally I don't like to play with real money, and call me a wimp or whatever but I do like to play the games is only to lose money doing it.  I even on occasion read a few articles on a couple different poker blogs.

One of the topics that I've been meaning to explore low that more is trying to find good sites that work well for Macs.  The thing is many of the online poker sites require a download to run the poker site or the poker programs, and some of these programs don't work terribly well for Macs.

One of the best sites I found however that provides an excellent resource for Mac players is  In particular they have an excellent Mac Usability rating page that rates many of the most popular online poker sites according to their usability or ease-of-use working with the Mac.

The useful thing about this rating page in particular is that it breaks the sites down according to the sites that don't require a download all, and just run in a browser.  Then they cover the sites that specifically have a Mac download available.  And finally they cover the sites that can be run with a XP emulator on a Mac.  They then rate each of the poker sites according to how well they work in each of these genres.

Now for those of you that live outside of the United States and can still play poker with real money online (US change the laws recently and as I understand that you're not allowed to play poker online in the US with real money.), but for those of you outside of the US Mac poker online also provides a long list of the sites that provide deposit bonuses if you sign-up for a new account to play there.

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