For some time now I have been working with a new sponsored advertising service called PayU2blog. I like the service quite a bit because they give a great deal of flexibility to writers to write about anything they like. In essence you get paid to blog about topics and ideas that you want to blog about. You are required to cover the key words that they request and insert a link with those keywords but the topics can be widened far and they also don't have strong requirements for excessive amount of words.
Now anyone that reads this blog knows that I am rarely at a loss for words and tend to lean towards the verbose as opposed to being a little short winded. That said I tend to find myself writing significantly more for many of the sponsors that are provided and the articles are much better than some of the articles offered up by other services that create very tight requirements that ultimately reduce the creativity and the natural flow of the writing and turn the article in to something more of a advertisement or advertorial.

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