Yahoo looses Sales Chief to Martha Stewart

Yahoo's longtime chief sales officer left the company this weekend to take a job as the president for media at Martha Stewart Living.  Yahoo has been struggling to revamp and reorganize its company for the last several months.  They keep missing the hot trends in web technology and can't keep up with Google.

He took a wrong turn several years ago when they thought that they wanted to be a media company instead of a search company and an advertising company.  Google didn't make that mistake until it recently purchased YouTube.  However Google is very one deeply entrenched as the king of search and advertising online right now.

Many people don't even understand that Google is an advertising company.  They only understand a Google is a search engine company, they don't appreciate the fact that Google gets paid every time someone clicks on one of their suggested links in a Google search results page.

There are several new transit been popping up on the Internet over the last six to nine months that have the potential to spoil Google stay on the top of search and on the top of Internet advertising.  Yahoo may be thinning out their ranks, but they don't seem to be identifying these new trends and they don't seem to be acting on them at all. seems to understand the changes in search that are necessary and they are making some interesting inroads into potentially flanking Google.  However they too have not yet identified many of the new advertising trends online.  It's possible that the next time an Internet search company rises to the top, they might not take the top position as the Internet's chief advertising company at the same time like Gould did.

Google seem to see the house marker on the street to prosperity via the Internet when they rose to the top climbing up the shoulders of Yahoo among others.  Google seems to be losing their way these days even as some of their earliest employees leave the company with the millions of dollars that they've earned.  It's possible that Google has lost some of its vitality as it's turned more and more corporate.  They can hire the best brains in the world, but when you hire a brain and set them into a corporate environment it's difficult to extract the lifeblood of creativity.


I suspect that Google will probably suffer through a five to 10 year long decline, and someday go through a reorganization of their own much like John do is experiencing today.  Maybe they will rebound 15 to 20 years later, when all that brainpower gets a little bit more concerned about retirement.  All those brains weren't smart enough to get on the bus with Google in the early days and they're not as rich as they could've been, and working in a corporate shell such as Google today means they're not going to get as rich as average people dating Google in the early days.

That all points to innovation occurring outside of Google.

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