Steve Jobs Practices CYA with your A

If you thought it was safe to start buying tunes from iTunes and sharing them for free with your friends and family and a million people on the internet after purchasing a 'DRM' free tune from iTunes, then you have woefully misunderstood Steve Jobs.  Just ask his former CFO, Steve Jobs, protects Number 1 first and foremost.

That means he is not going to expose himself to liability by turning the flood gates loose on downloads.

It was revealed this week that Apple hides some information about You in its iTunes files.

It hides your name among other things in the coded file.  This would enable Apple to track an illegaly shared 'DRM' free itune back to the original purchaser that lost control of their tune(s). 

Link to Information hidden in iTunes music files sparks privacy fears-Business-Industry Sectors-Technology-TimesOnline

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