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For the last couple of weeks have been looking into a number of different websites the cover real estate.  I studied real estate when I was in college, I've taken enough credit hours to sit for real estate exam in the state of Illinois.  Previously had also taken some real estate courses and I could probably still sit for the exam in Georgia as well.  I may or may not do that someday, but for now I am going to be developing some interesting sites and capabilities.

We're preparing to put our own home on the market and I recall back in 2002 would we purchased it I had a number of different tools that we utilized to find and purchase in size up our home.  At the time none of those tools existed on the web.  I've been checking in none of those tools exist on the web today either.  Act then I didn't know as much about the web as I do today so I plan on doing something with those tools this time around.

When we moved this time are going to be staying in corporate housing for short while, but it's possible that we may release a place for a few months until we find the right place for us.  We're looking to settle down permanently and not endure any additional moves.  Were basically looking for the home that we will retire in and were only in our 30s,

this time around will probably end up purchasing either a steal of a deal for closure might be a fixer-upper or project house, but sits in a fantastic location on a lake somewhere or it's possible we may attempt to pick up a luxury home in a fire sale when an existing owner falls into a financial distress type of situation.  Given the mortgage market the way it is these days that's entirely possible.  Too many people are over extended with zero interest loans and second mortgages and a number of other problems.  I'm not looking to capitalize on someone else's pain, but someone has to bail out the banks.

So as I start to move into some real estate related web work, I will probably start with a real estate blog. I already have a blog that focuses on home mortgages that I've just recently begun.

I'm probably also going to establish something of a financial planning/credit counseling blog.  I've been providing that type of advice since the early 90s and that like to do something useful with it on the web for posterity if for nothing else.  I did some work as a ghostwriter last winter for a credit site, and I still have about 10,000 words I wrote on several topics that were never published.  It got a lot of material to use and capitalize on.

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