MIT harenesses Harmonic Resonance - Appliances Living in Perfect Harmony

Do you remember the concept of harmonic resonance?

Back in the late 1980's, a bunch of new age types, got together and thought that the earth and planets and people could start resonating together and well, um share energy efficiently and be happy and stuff.

Well, that may have seemed a bit like pseudo science meets astrology, but an MIT professor and his harnessed team of Real Genius students have found a way to make a charging device and an appliance resonate at the same frequency so that they can share energy.

Appliances Living in Perfect Harmony 

I guess you could say that this development is just swell.  I hope they perform some studies to determine whether or not this harmonic resonance of energy electromagnetic radiation will have any surprising side effects on honey bees.  Otherwise, we might just out smart ourselves out of existence.

Here are the details

The concept of sending power wirelessly isn't new, but its wide-scale use has been dismissed as inefficient because electromagnetic energy generated by the charging device would radiate in all directions, the report said.

One advance was announced last fall, when MIT physics professor Marin Soljacic said he had figured out how to use specially tuned waves, according t the report.

The key is to get the recharging device and the gadget that needs power to resonate at the same frequency, allowing them to efficiently exchange energy, the rpeort said.

Source: MIT shows power over wireless technology - Americas Network


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